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Thought Leaders in Mobile and Social: Tom Hogan, CEO of Kony (Part 1)

Posted on Friday, Dec 19th 2014

Enterprise Mobility is a major trend. Here, we catch up with Tom Hogan, CEO of Kony, a leader in the space.

Sramana Mitra: Tell us about yourself as well as Kony.

Tom Hogan: I’ll be brief with myself. I’ve been in the industry for 33 years in all. This is the smallest organization I’ve been associated with, but arguably the most exciting from a growth and potential relevance to change the landscape of the industry. I’ve spent a little over 17 years at IBM. That was my first job out of college. I spent some time at Siebel Systems in the heyday of CRM and had the opportunity to be the CEO of Vignette, which back in the late 90s was the global leader in the whole movement from classic brick-and-mortar to the Internet. Then I spent five years with the transformation of Hewlett-Packard and joined Kony about 10 months ago. I’m past my honeymoon but still relatively new to Kony. That’s a quick snapshot of my background.

I’ll give you some facts and maybe try to describe Kony’s position from a value and a solution perspective. Obviously, Kony is a leader in the enterprise mobility space. One of the distinguishing attributes of Kony is this is all we do and we think we do it better than anybody in the industry. The reason I make a big point of that is that I do think there’s power and value in focus. There are lots of players in enterprise mobility as you know. It’s such a big market that’s exploding from a growth perspective. The infrastructure market is big but you could argue that bigger and faster servers will not change the way we live and work.

What’s interesting about mobility is not only is it big and growing, it’s also massively relevant from a strategy perspective, which attracts a lot of competitors. A lot of the big guys are getting into the space but the advantage Kony brings is that the big guys do lots of different things and tend to assemble their solution through M&A versus doing it organically with the DNA and culture of people. That’s one important distinguishing factor of Kony. We’re the largest pure play by a factor of two or three. While we’re not IBM, relative to two people that are focused on the market, we are the largest in terms of size.

This segment is part 1 in the series : Thought Leaders in Mobile and Social: Tom Hogan, CEO of Kony
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