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Thought Leaders in Big Data: Frank Bien, CEO of Looker (Part 3)

Posted on Friday, Nov 28th 2014

Frank Bien: They saw, of course, that people who were booking hotels were also referring customers because they had a great service. What they also saw was that people who are not using the service were referring the most number of customers. In a lot of organizations, when they see something like that, the thinking goes to fraud. In HotelTonight’s case, since they had Looker, they could drill in. In our environment, you constantly have this ability to drill-in to data.

They were able to infer that the people who were referring customers were flight attendants or bartenders. If you think about their same-day hotel offerings, they’re talking to folks who are the clients. They are able to refer people to HotelTonight because it’s a great offering. They were able to build programs around that. It was really very compelling from the business perspective. We see this time and again where we have a real business impact as we expose data into multiple organizations in a business.

Sramana Mitra: Let’s do some other use cases. Maybe one or two more.

Frank Bien: Another great use case would be Venmo. Venmo obviously is a very popular online mobile payments application. They’re really taking this notion of making payments to people online and making it very simple. Customer support and the ability to build products that really please customers is very important. They knew that they had all this data. They had been collecting data out of the application. They knew that they could better understand where problems were coming in from a product perspective that were affecting customer support.

It wasn’t until they deployed Looker that they could look across that data in a more meaningful way. Within just the first couple of months of implementation, they were able to identify core issues in the product that were driving the biggest numbers of customer support issues. They were actually able to tie that into their product team so that the product team could make better design decisions while releasing new products to minimize customer support issues.

This segment is part 3 in the series : Thought Leaders in Big Data: Frank Bien, CEO of Looker
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