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Thought Leaders in Online Education: John Miller, Chief Operating Officer of Hands-On Learning (Part 3)

Posted on Friday, Aug 29th 2014

John Miller: One of the challenges they have coming back into education is the whole on boarding process and preparing the employee to come back in. There’re a number of demands that really come into play here. When you start to think about regaining your study skills and the ability to do time management with the demands of, potentially, a family and certainly full-time employment, it becomes challenging. Our program, working with education, enables their on boarding process to educate and help these people coming back into education from the workforce, so they can continue to grow into these new roles on a career path.

Sramana Mitra: You obviously discussed in some length the scenario in the healthcare space and the demand for nurses in the Kaiser context. Without mentioning any names of clients, can you discuss other industry sectors?

John Miller: Let me first state that our primary focus is in healthcare right now primarily because nursing is a pretty definable skill and career path. We’re focused there because so many of these initiatives have failed. What we’ve done is we’ve chosen something that is quantifiable and measurable so that we can benchmark the impact of this initiative of and then validate as we go forward.

We are now beginning to expand to other areas. In October, HOL will be hosting a summit here in Colorado where all industries will be participating. The premise is still the same, that we need to create partnerships between private industry and education. This summit is going to focus on the leading educating community as well as the industries here.

We find that there is a tremendous need to identify these STEM areas so we can bridge the gap. Right now, the statistics show that there are three STEM jobs that are available for every one STEM graduate. We had some information about Coors as a corporation here in Colorado. They reported that 50% of their hires had to come out of state because the workforce is just not here. We’re building a summit to start to direct this in multiple industries now, but the initiative that I spoke to earlier is primarily in healthcare.

This segment is part 3 in the series : Thought Leaders in Online Education: John Miller, Chief Operating Officer of Hands-On Learning
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