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Thought Leaders in Big Data: Steve Bryan, CEO of Vigillo (Part 5)

Posted on Thursday, Aug 14th 2014

Steve Bryan: There’re a lot of mergers and acquisitions in the space. If a company merges with another, then they have half of one company’s telematics technology and half their fleet has the other. Now they’ve got two different companies doing their data analytics on half the fleet. That’s where we sit in the middle and take it all in. When you define it that way, then we don’t have any competition.

Sramana Mitra: I’m going to switch gears. If you look at your industry and you look at the holy grail of what you would like to do with this data or what your customers would like to do with this data, what are some of the things out there that you would like to do over time using your ability to analyze data and provide actionable insights?

Steve Bryan: The two words I would use are efficiency and safety. The numbers are staggeringly large when you think about the miles, the freight, and all the things that add up to operating a trucking company. Getting a little more life out of your tires, having a slightly better maintenance record, getting a tiny bit better fuel economy are huge numbers. That’s where we focus. How can we make you run just a little more efficiently and a little more profitably?

The second one is safety. Safety is a huge concern for the trucking industry. About 4,000 people are killed in truck-involved crashes every year, and these crashes are largely not the fault of the truck driver. The industry has a less than stellar image when it comes to safety. It is largely undeserved. They do struggle with the image of trucks being huge scary machines running at high speeds down the road. When there’s an accident, they are often horrific. Helping the industry to run more safely and to have fewer crashes is of huge importance to the industry and to Vigillo.

Sramana Mitra: Great! Thank you for your time.


This segment is part 5 in the series : Thought Leaders in Big Data: Steve Bryan, CEO of Vigillo
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