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Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing: Ajit Gupta, CEO of Aryaka Networks (Part 4)

Posted on Wednesday, Jun 25th 2014

Sramana Mitra: I think we understand what you’re doing. I’d like to lift us to a higher level – the industry level. What is going on as far as the speed of the Internet is concerned? There are a lot of issues that are coming to the fore right now. Even though you are working on a B2B network problem, I’m sure you are perfectly on top of the issues around net neutrality. Where do you see all the speed of network issue going and what are the key drivers and resolutions that you expect to see?

Ajit Gupta: One of the key drivers is the exploding amount of data, part of which is related to the number of devices and a part of which is a workforce that is becoming more and more global. Fueled by the desire to compete and the desire to become profitable and squeeze the last ounce of profitability, companies are expanding wherever they can find talent. We’re all trying to be faster and better than we have ever been.

If the usage of data keeps doubling every year, the corresponding speed is not going to be at the same rate. It’s still a web of different entities. It’s very fractious in nature or very fragmented. Compared to the increase in the amount of data and the amount of users, it is growing at a very glacial speed. It is getting better but very slightly. Some people may argue that the Internet is becoming slower as far as we are concerned because when you are trying to access things on your mobile device, you can’t get to the same speed as what you get on your computer. The reason for that is there is no single authority. It is like multiple countries cobbled together under some kind of United Nations program. Unless there is a single authority and unless there is an economic incentive, people will just live in their own islands. They don’t want to deal with the next door neighbor. Being cobbled together, we’re like taking two steps forward and one step backward. We have these conversations going on about Internet being regulated. The public Internet is what it is. It is not keeping pace with the current needs of the enterprise.

That is where Aryaka comes into the picture where we have actually built a private network. We are offering to the enterprises, with the economics of a public cloud, what they would probably pay for the public Internet. They now can pay the same but can experience dramatically faster speed and dramatically better user experience. They can have their own express highway on a network that we have built without the need to bear the expenses and manage on an on-going basis.

This segment is part 4 in the series : Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing: Ajit Gupta, CEO of Aryaka Networks
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