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Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing: Bob Renner, CEO of Liaison Technologies (Part 1)

Posted on Saturday, May 24th 2014

Entrepreneurs in the field of data integration would like to read this interview to get a sense of the state of the union, and identify open opportunities in the field.

Sramana Mitra: Bob, tell us about Liaison Technologies and yourself.

Bob Renner: I’ll tell you a little bit about myself first and then I’ll dive into Liaison. My background is in the technology space. I call myself a technologist by trade. I joined Liaison Technologies almost 15 years ago as a Chief Technology Officer. Then, I moved up from CTO to CEO after being with the company for a couple of years.

Bridging to what Liaison does and what drew me to the company, the company was a next generation integration and data management company in the cloud before the cloud was really even defined as such. What we’ve been doing and continue to do is provide a utility infrastructure for moving, managing, and transforming all types of data.

I think what makes Liaison a little bit unique is that that type of activity has gone on for years but Liaison is really agnostic as to the type of data they move, manage, and transform. We have a spectrum of everything from clinical trials data which is very different from transactional supply chain data. We also have marketing and financial services type of data. It’s an interesting broad spectrum of use cases. We can expose our services through a variety of different vertical markets as well as different use cases.

Sramana Mitra: Let’s do some use cases. Maybe pick two or three customers from different verticals and tell us how those customers are using your technology.

Bob Renner: One that comes to mind that I think is very illustrative is in healthcare. As you may know, the whole healthcare industry has become much more digitized and automated in the last five years. Part of that is through our big push driven from government-funded initiatives to digitize patient health records, and also moving from paying for services to a model where you pay for outcomes and results as a result of the care that’s given to a patient.

One good example of how Liaison brings all of our services and solutions together is this particular client of ours that manages, what I call, transitions in care. When a patient has a procedure done in a hospital and they leave a hospital, they have a regimen that might include prescriptions, monitoring and management of their treatment over a course of a period of time, which if followed diligently, drastically reduces the possibility of a readmission through the emergency room within 30 to 60 days from the procedure.

The way Liaison would help facilitate that is we take inputs and data signals from monitoring devices that monitor the patient’s health. We take inputs from a patient’s as well as a physician’s portal. Also, we take inputs from call centers that would be part of that transition as they leave the facility after the procedure. Liaison’s technology and infrastructure is the integration platform that pulls all these disparate data together, harmonizes it into a common data model, and then presents it in a way that’s cohesive and consistent so that you can, in a simple way, understand how the patient has been adhering to the regimen. That’s one interesting example of how Liaison’s technology is brought together to really solve a real world problem.

This segment is part 1 in the series : Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing: Bob Renner, CEO of Liaison Technologies
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[…] Bob Renner, CEO of Liaison was interviewed in Sramana Mitra’s blog One Million by One Million on the topic of cloud computing. In a series, much like our 7 Questions, titled Thoughts Leaders in Cloud Computing Bob was interviewed and gave a state of the union in cloud integration. The interview is an interesting read. […]

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