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How to Navigate India’s Seed Capital Gap

Posted on Thursday, Oct 24th 2013

India has a minuscule seed capital ecosystem. Entrepreneurs thus have to be really creative to survive.

My new piece How To Navigate The Seed Capital Gap in India offers a synthesis of how entrepreneurs are getting around. Two companion pieces offer perspective on why the ecosystem is developing so slowly: Seed Investors in India: Why So Few? and Venture Capital in India: Age of Reckoning.

Next week, India’s flagship event, the Nasscom Product Conclave, gets under way. I am sure there will be many discussions on these topics. Investors attending the show, please be sure to meet Ajit Narayanan of Invention Labs. Ajit has bootstrapped the company and built both a services business that has funded his product development, and a revenue-generating product. With or without funding, I believe the company will be successful. He is also attempting a technology play, not seen often in India.

Also, for inspiration, read about one of India’s earliest and most successful product entrepreneurs, Arvind Agarwalla, founder of FACT.

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