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Outsourcing: Blanca Trevino, CEO of Softtek (Part 4)

Posted on Sunday, May 13th 2012

SM: Do you see migration happening from Europe, especially Spain to Latin America, of this kind of talent that you are starting to recruit?

BT: No, not really. We have not seen that. Of course, we have our people there, and we are growing in our center in Spain, but no. That’s an interesting question. I will look at that.

SM: I have read recently, because Europe has become such a nightmare from an economic situation point of view, and especially Spain. The youth unemployment there has become one of the worst nightmares. I read a few articles on migration from Spain to Latin America, so this may be something that you want to look at as a strategy to recruit people from Spain to your Mexico center or Argentina, Chile, wherever.

BT: Right. It’s true, that is something that could work. For those companies that want nearshore services from Mexico, it would be a very good idea. I will look at that, thank you. I don’t think our sourcing department has ever thought of bringing people from Spain, but you’re absolutely right.

SM: What I’m seeing is right now, the emerging markets in a lot of ways are doing better than Europe. And Europeans, in a way, have missed out on the IT revolution. A lot of the emerging markets have risen on the wings of the IT revolution. Europe has not been able to leverage the IT revolution in a significant way. It’s just unfortunate and kind of disturbing to watch the mess and what it’s doing to the youth in Europe.

BT: It is incredible what they’re going through. Going to Spain, it hurts to see how much they struggling from that perspective.

SM: On the other hand, Latin America is doing really well.

BT: Yes, it is true. We keep saying that Latin America is poised for greatness. I believe that this is the decade for Latin America to be great. I know that Brazil is the country that normally gets more visibility, but if you take a look at Mexico, the macroeconomic indicators of Mexico, it’s interesting. Colombia is doing much better. Argentina is not the best place. Inflation is high and that thing with Cristina Kirchner and YPF … nonetheless, if you go to Argentina, things are moving. The same thing goes for Chile. So, the region is doing well.

SM: Well, thank you, Blanca. It has been wonderful talking with you.

BT: Thank you so much for giving Latin America the visibility it needs in this market.

This segment is part 4 in the series : Outsourcing: Blanca Trevino, CEO of Softtek
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