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1M/1M Video: Virtual Incubator + Physical Incubator

Posted on Tuesday, Apr 17th 2012

This may sound counter-intuitive, but we’re discussing entrepreneurship development strategies for various countries, and we feel that the only way to build a pipeline of entrepreneurs in short-order is by combining virtual incubation with physical incubation. There are 7500 physical incubators around the world today. Most of them are failing. Why? We have moderated many discussions already on the subject here on this blog. You can read a great one here. Today, however, certain physical incubator models are also succeeding, and certain virtual incubator models, especially 1M/1M, are definitely succeeding. We feel that the 7500+ incubators around the world would be a great deal more successful if they supplemented themselves with a virtual incubator model such as 1M/1M. Otherwise, they are very often pouring money into unvalidated concepts that go nowhere. This investment can be much, much more effective. If you are an incubator manager looking to explore how to partner with 1M/1M, please contact us ASAP.

This video will give you a flavor of the strategy we’re discussing with folks in India:

Also for your reference, here is a video explaining how 1M/1M differs from YCombinator:

And a presentation on why 1M/1M works with local and regional organizations:

This segment is a part in the series : 1M/1M Video

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