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1M/1M Internships: Social Media Content

Posted on Friday, Apr 13th 2012

Students, as you are gearing up to apply for summer internships, here is an overview of what 1M/1M has in store this year. As you know, our mission is to help 1 million entrepreneurs build $1 million in annual revenue. We will be awarding 1M/1M scholarships to those interns who complete 100 hours of successful projects, as follows:

The bulk of the internships this year will be around our work with social media. We’ve been experimenting with a high-velocity Twitter channel (try it by following @sramana and @1Mby1M) with 200 messages a day. Our intent is to make it as content rich as possible, and are looking to bring  on board enthusiastic individuals for the purpose. Success in these positions requires creativity and the ability to quickly absorb knowledge of new topics. You can find an overview of our strategy here.

Our blog is jam-packed with high-quality content – interviews, trend analysis, stock analysis, interviews with industry leaders, company profiles, videos, and most recently, a newly launched comic strip. All this great content needs to be carefully packaged and mapped to the Twitter channel. Micro-blogging is a different medium from straight blogging. We need your help to map the content from the blog to Twitter.

You will be reading a lot of insightful material from diverse topics such as finance, entrepreneurship, and sales and marketing to craft micro-blogging content. This exercise will teach you a great deal about entrepreneurship and market trends. The experience and the scholarship together we expect will give you a good introduction to entrepreneurship.

Are you interested? Are you a creative person willing to learn and execute social media marketing strategies? Please fill in your LinkedIn profile in as much detail as possible, and send your cover letter to Sramana Mitra and Ravi Bulusu.

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