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Vikrant Mathur: Why Joining 1M/1M Was The Best $1,000 I Ever Spent

Posted on Tuesday, Dec 27th 2011

By guest author Irina Patterson

Vikrant Mathur learned about 1M/1M in early 2010 through a friend. They went to INSEAD together.

In 2010, Vikrant’s company had already operated for four years without much external advice. It became a popular destination for food- and recipe-related video content. Now, Vikrant was ready to scale his company up.

When Vikrant looked at the 1M/1M, here is what he liked about it: (in his own words)


a) 1M/1M focuses on bootstrapping. Most incubators prepare you to raise money. While 1M/1M can help you to do that, too, I was really excited about the support and help that we could get even if we decided to stay away from professional investors. We love the idea of remaining independent; thus, there was a very clear alignment with our philosophy.

b) Sramana’s background as an entrepreneur and expertise helping startups. This was core to us because Sramana immediately understood what we were trying to do and the industry we were operating in. Moreover, Sramana knows and had published case studies on many significant players in the industry. This gave me a lot of confidence about how Samana might be able to help us.

c) The curriculum modules available to 1M/1M members are phenomenal. Even though I have been doing this for the past four years, I have learned many new things just by going through the various modules. If someone is just starting, I would highly encourage that person to join 1M/1M and immediately go through the entire curriculum.

d) The price – $1,000 for a program such as this is amazing. You cannot find this level of help and support at this price anywhere.

In short, I feel that every first time entrepreneur should blindly sign up for this program. If I had known about this program four years ago, I would have saved countless hours iterating our business plan and pivoting on our strategy.

It is invaluable to get candid feedback from someone with the level of experience and expertise as Sramana. There are consultants who charge hundreds of dollars an hour for the kind of feedback that Sramana may provide you at a free roundtable.

Since joining the program, we have been able to ramp up our traffic and revenue numbers pretty well. In addition, Sramana has helped us connect with many movers and shakers in the industry and helped open doors to new monetization models and business partnerships.

Overall, I think this is the best $1,000 any entrepreneur can spend.


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