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Why Did Dan Stewart Join 1M/1M?

Posted on Saturday, Dec 17th 2011

By guest author Irina Patterson

Dan Stewart came upon 1M/1M by pure luck. A friend referred Dan, a Florida entrepreneur, to one of Sramana’s roundtable recordings. He watched it and liked it.

Why did he join 1M/1M? He had grown frustrated with his efforts at a previous startup.

He had spent years building a customer relationship management (CRM) product. He had paying customers, but it was clear to Dan that his offering was outmatched by those of companies like Salesforce. It was a very humbling experience, he said. He had invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and three years of his life, only to arrive at the decision to stop with this project.

Even so, there was never really a question of not trying again. He just wanted to make fewer mistakes. So, now he was ready to accept guidance with his new startup, Happy Grasshopper, which is an automated email marketing service.

In choosing to work with 1M/1M, he decided to fully commit himself to the curriculum and engage with Sramana as much as possible.

Looking back, he said he would have saved countless thousands if 1M/1M was available in 2007 when he started his CRM company.

When he joined 1M/1M in February 2010, his company was still in the early validation stage.

In one year, he has completed hundreds of improvements to his service and its marketing. And Sramana, he said, has always been willing and available to help him make the best decisions.

If you are thinking of joining 1M/1M, Dan has an advice for you. Start with the curriculum. It’s not easy or quick, but it’s easier and quicker than making multi-year, multi-million dollar mistakes, he said.

If you do that, he said, you will have a clear understanding of where to focus your efforts, and you will have an operating plan.

That plan is what you will talk about in your first roundtable with Sramana. No matter how prepared you are or how many roundtables you have watched, Sramana almost always has an insight that you won’t expect.

Your plan will improve as you go along, step by step. At subsequent roundtables, you will present your concerns, plans, and strategies. Sramana and other 1M/1M members will offer suggestions and critical feedback. Your plan will get better and better, he said.

In one year, you will know far more about your business than otherwise, and you will have a network of 1M/1M entrepreneurs to rely on.

How much can you achieve at 1M/1M? It is entirely up to you. “But, as a 1M/1M premium member, I highly recommend 1M/1M to any serious entrepreneur,” said Dan Stewart, CEO of Happy Grasshopper.

Questions? Call me at 786-301-2456 or Skype: irina_patterson

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