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Public Roundtables vs. 1M/1M Premium Program

Posted on Monday, Nov 14th 2011

By guest author Irina Patterson

Many entrepreneurs attend our FREE 1M/1M Public Roundtables. Some of them think. “Why join the 1M/1M Premium Program? I can get Sramana’s advice at a free public roundtable any time!”

They’re not the same thing. Let me show you the difference.

Sramana’s quick advice at the 1M/1M public roundtables is not what the 1M/1M Premium program is about.

In a public roundtable, Sramana has very little time to work with you. She listens to your business pitch. She gives you her quick observations. There is no time for a deep consulting-style engagement here. And most entrepreneurs are not ready for deep engagement just yet.

That is what the 1M/1M Premium program offers.

As soon as you join 1M/1M Premium, we ask you to self-assess by using the 1M/1M self-assessment tool and review the curriculum modules attached to the self-assessment. That covers at least 50 to 60 hours of the first round of consulting on a self-service mode with video lectures and case studies.

Once you do that, you’ll be equipped to think about your business in a much more sophisticated way, ask higher-level questions instead of the very basic ones, and think strategically like any Silicon Valley founder who is working with an experienced mentor.

Sramana is eager to help you to develop a Silicon Valley–style success framework. It doesn’t matter that you may have never been to Silicon Valley.

And she is keen to take you to a higher-order style of thinking when you are equipped with the right methodology and the right principles of business building.

This kind of in-depth guidance is possible only by using the 1M/1M premium curriculum and the private roundtables in tandem. The free public roundtables simply do not offer the flexibility or the time to get into the meatier issues.

Please talk to me about your specifics, and let’s start building your business as soon as today.

Feel free to call me at 786-301-2456 or Skype me at irina_patterson, and we’ll talk how 1M/1M could be applied to your specific situation.

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