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Strategy Consulting For Startups: $1,000 A Year vs. $5,000 A Day

Posted on Tuesday, Sep 13th 2011

We are proud of the entrepreneurs who are currently in our 1M/1M Premium Program.

We call them early adopters. They understood the value of the 1M/1M right away. So far, everyone is working hard, advancing at their own pace and not giving up.

Most paid the $1,000 fee out of their own pocket and, understandably, they want to get the most out of their investment.

One way to look at 1M/1M is this: Sramana took her consulting practice, which was priced at the rate of $5,000 a day, and folded it into 1M/1M at $1,000 per entrepreneur, per year, with the use of technology, creative product design, efficient management, and strategic partnerships with other players in the ecosystem, all of which makes 1M/1M affordable as well as scalable.

The result is a program in which you can access world class strategy consulting without paying McKinsey- or Bain-level prices, as well as many other services, including business development, investor introductions, media, and analyst relations, media exposure, social media channels, and so on. 1M/1M is a steal, don’t you agree?

Do you run a business accelerator at any corner of the world?

We’d love to¬† help your accelerator to become an early adopter of innovative business acceleration and by doing that helping each of your entrepreneurs to achieve $1 million in revenue in record time.

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