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Entrepreneurship Education: Who Is the Right Seed Investor For You?

Posted on Friday, Jul 16th 2010

I am sure many of you are reading 1M/1M Ambassador Irina Patterson’s Seed Capital series where she’s interviewing seed investors from various walks of life, and with a diverse set of perspectives.

Whereas Mike Maples is interested in the top 15 deals in Silicon Valley each year, Basil Peters likes to invest in businesses that have a quick exit path.

This poses questions and options for entrepreneurs: Who is the right seed investor for you?

Those of you who attend my roundtables know that I am a strong proponent of target shooting, versus spray and pray, in trying to find customers. Raising money is the same. My philosophy is to identify who is the best fit for my particular business and focus on that person. Note I said person, not firm. The business of venture capital and angel investing is a highly personalized one, and individual rapport, relationship, and expertise are really what are at stake.

As you read more of our Seed Capital series, please keep this in mind. The reason we’re bringing you this in-depth series is to help you get to know these individuals and their preferences.

In addition, some of the angels work in groups. We are also bringing you the in-depth details of how these groups operate, how they screen deals, and what their investment criteria happen to be.

As you know, our operating procedure in 1M/1M is homework. We worship at the alter of a single god: work ethic. If you have the work ethic, we can teach you how to do the homework and craft your business, block by block. Our Seed Capital series is to help you do your homework better.


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