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MIT: Art & Science Of Bootstrapping Video Recording

Posted on Wednesday, May 20th 2009

Here’s the video recording of the MIT club’s bootstrapping event:

MITCNC-C3: 4/30/2009 – The Art and Science of Bootstrapping from Benjamin Joseph on Vimeo.

Video of an entrepreneurship panel event put on by the MIT Alumni Club of Northern California’s (MITCNC) Convergence, Community, and Commerce (C3).

Successful bootstrapping requires discipline and focus as well as ingenuity. Each company invited to the panel has a different business model, operates in a different market segment and a unique set of challenges. Hear from these entrepreneurs about their strategies and practices for sustaining the companies during the downturn and positioning them for growth when the economic cycle turns.

Moderator: Sramana Mitra, Strategy consultant and Forbes columnist

# Panelists: Michelle Munson, President, CEO and Co-Founder Aspera Software
# Sridhar Vembu, CEO and Founder, Zoho
# Beatrice Tarka, CEO and co-founder, Mobissimo
# Paul Kocher, Founder, President and Chief Scientist, Cryptography Research

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