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Incubator Funds in India: Engineering Talent?

Posted on Tuesday, Nov 13th 2007

So we have an Idea. We have the Product Marketing talent in the incubator to go from Idea to Spec.

Next, we need to address the next major problem: Engineering Talent.

Thankfully, India abounds in this class of talent. Unfortunately, however, this talent (a) does not like to work for startups due to branding and security reasons (b) is unstable and expensive, and becoming more so.

Let’s isolate the different categories of Engineering Talent we need for startups. First, we need senior management. Second, we need senior engineers and architects. Third, we need programmers.

Of these, the senior management is difficult, if not impossible to convince to leave cushy corporate jobs, take salary hits, etc. So, I would propose that we create a layer within the incubator where senior engineering talent (managers, architects, engineers) is recruited at the higher salary levels, but leveraged across various portfolio companies.

Now, this should be well within the skill range of Indian engineering managers, since they are used to managing and delivering multiple projects in parallel.

The more junior talent can be recruited by the portfolio companies, while still leveraging the benefits of adult supervision via the incubator.

This segment is a part in the series : Incubator Funds in India

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