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Web 3.0 & Walt Disney (Part 3)

Posted on Wednesday, Nov 7th 2007

Web 3.0 Framework discussion

Below is a quick overview of the Web 3.0 framework for the Walt Disney sites. We have not gone into the details of all the properties, but you can review the Web 3.0 section of this site for detailed discussions on some of the vertical categories.

We all know that stands for kids entertainment and there are very few brands in the world that are so strong in a segment. It is the same with, a worldwide leader in sports news and information. provides news and information related to movies. Disney Family allows users to research answers to pressing parenting questions and provides a host of easy-to-use tools.

Disney has a heritage in entertainment content and ESPN is by far the leader when it comes to covering and reporting sports news and their leadership in these two verticals is evident in the quality of Content on the sites. has great entertainment content for kids, right from games to TV shows to activities to merchandise. and Disney Family provides quality information on parenting, child health and food, education, travel, entertainment, kids activities, etc.

Club Penguin allows children to interact with each other. Disney Family allows parents to share parenting experiences and opinions with other members. ESPN Fan Profiles allows fans worldwide to come together as one community, sharing their passion for the sports they love.

i-CAUGHT by ABC News allow users to upload and share videos. SOAPNET Star Chats allows fans the chance to ask their favorite soap stars the questions they’ve been dying to know. The users can also discuss topics related to soaps on the site’s message boards.

The Company has integrated e-commerce into almost all its sites. retails DVDs and video games from its stable. retails over 1,300 books through its site. retails lifestyle products (like Jewelry, Accessories) TV Shows, Books, Music, etc. and retails all the things that kids like to have starting from Disney toys to music to movies to clothes to collectibles. ESPN retails official sports gear from NHL, NFL, MLB, etc. It also retails various other sports gear and lifestyle merchandise.

MyESPN Beta is a new service from ESPN, which allows users to have custom teams, scores, personal scoreboard, custom themes and page layout. It also allows users to access to ESPN Fantasy Games, chats, message boards and other exclusive content.

Vertical Search
Disney sites lack vertical search and this is an area where the group needs to work on.

Business Model
WDIG integrates the unmatched breadth of content with a best-practices approach to Internet and mobile technology and drives multiple revenue streams from premium content offerings, advertising and e-commerce. The Company retails music, movies, apparel, sports gear, etc.

Club Penguin charges subscription fees of $5.95 a month or $57.95 a year. In addition to subscriptions, Club Penguin also generates revenue from sales of merchandise online, such as plush versions of penguins’ pet puffles, t-shirts and gift cards. charges subscription fees of $9.99 per month for 20 ring tones.

(To Be Continued)

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