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Online Video Beneficiaries: Synthesis

Posted on Friday, Oct 12th 2007

Online Video is a clear growth market, and many parts of the ecosystem are benefiting as a result. I have done a series called
Online Video Beneficiaries, which you can catch up on here:

* Online Video Beneficiaries: Introduction
* Online Video Beneficiaries: Polycom
* Online Video Beneficiaries: Cisco
* Online Video Beneficiaries: 3Com?
* Online Video Beneficiaries: Extreme?
* Online Video Beneficiaries: Nortel
* Online Video Beneficiaries: Juniper
* Online Video Beneficiaries: Media Industry Players
* Online Video Beneficiaries: Alcatel?
* Online Video Beneficiaries: Foundry
* Online Video Beneficiaries: Akamai
* Online Video Beneficiaries: F5
* Online Video Beneficiaries: Seagate

In the midst of this series, Level 3 announced price-cuts in the CDN market, and 3Com got acquired by Bain and Huawei, and I responded to both events with my analysis.

You can also read Guest Author Mitch Berman’s take on IPTV here:

* IPTV: Next-Gen Television?
* IPTV, Next-Gen Television: The Operators
* IPTV, Next-Gen Television: The Box
* IPTV, Next-Gen Television: Internet TV

Another piece of the Online Video puzzle that is dangling right now is monetization via advertising. Here is my interview with’s CEO, Amir Ashkenazi. As it stand, neither Google nor Yahoo is monetizing much of the video traffic.

Stay tuned, there will be more.

I also interviewed Tom Leighton, Founder of Akamai, and that series is a fascinating read.

This segment is a part in the series : Online Video Beneficiaries

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