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Web 3.0 & Online Movies (Part 2)

Posted on Wednesday, Sep 5th 2007

Top Ranking Sites

Online Movies is emerging as a key segment in the US and today more and more users are going online for movie rentals, downloads, trailers, news, latest updates and show timings. This has resulted in increasing traffic to the various movie sites. Some of the top online movie sites are IMDb, Yahoo! Movies, Moviefone, Netflix and Blockbuster.

In addition, a number of technology companies are trying to figure out the right cocktail to deliver Internet Television.

Popular Online Movie Sites

New Entrants and Innovators

New movie sites are coming up with video, animation, gaming, and social networking features. Jaman is a social network movie site where the users can sign up to rent or purchase foreign films from around the world. The site allows users to post their movies and has very good social networking features aimed at localized user interaction.

Spout was founded by four filmmakers in Grand Rapids, Michigan in March 2006 and is aimed at creating a “trusted place between the multiplex and the film festival”. The site has a feature called MovieMind that provides recommendations based on expressed user interest.

Babelgum uses peer-to-peer technology to provide immersive viewing and high-resolution quality of traditional TV with the interactive capabilities of the Internet. Babelgum allows users to enjoy free, on-demand, personalized channels. Choosing from niche and mainstream content, users create their own TV channels.

Xbox 360 Live Video, Microsoft’s new product in movie/TV downloads service offers downloadable movies and TV shows.

Movie Review Query Engine, the largest online database for movie reviews, has been re-launched to expand its content reach and user experience. The site boasts of over 480,000 different movie reviews.

(To Be Continued)

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