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iPhone’s Competitors: Synthesis

Posted on Friday, Aug 17th 2007

Last week, we reviewed iPhone’s competitors. I would bet on the convergence device movement as a whole, and it would be safe to assume that the overall market growth will offer growth opportunity to all the players. I would bet on RIM for the short term, and Samsung for the long term. Palm and Motorola have turnaround execution challenges ahead. Nokia should continue its strong run. The Operating System issue will be a key one to observe as RIM, Palm OS, and Symbian face competition from Mac OS, Windows Mobile, and Linux.

Here are the links to more detailed analysis:

* iPhone and the Future of RIM and iPhone’s Competitors: RIM

* iPhone and the Future of Palm and iPhone’s Competitors: Palm

* iPhone and the Future of Nokia and iPhone’s Competitors: Nokia

* iPhone and the Future of Motorola and iPhone’s Competitors: Motorola

* iPhone and the Future of Samsung and iPhone’s Component EcoSystem: Samsung

Of these, Samsung is likely to become the iPhone’s most important competitor. RIM and Palm, as Prosumer devices, will benefit from the overall market momentum without facing direct competition for the moment from the iPhone. Nokia will both benefit from the momentum, as well as face competition, especially as the iPhone launches in Europe.

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