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Role Model Interviews

Posted on Sunday, Jun 10th 2007

Over the last few months, I have done a series of interviews with leaders – CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Technologists, Academics, and Social Entrepreneurs – which offer insights to young and old alike about key choices – in business, in career, in life.

* Jerry Rawls, CoFounder & CEO of Finisar
* Philippe Courtot, Founder and CEO of Qualys
* Tom Werner, CEO of SunPower
* Russ Fradin, CEO of Adify
* Maggie Wilderotter, CEO of Citizens Communication
* Manoj Saxena, Founder & CEO of Webify
* Raj Reddy, Legendary Computer Scientist
* Taher El Gamal, Security Industry Visionary
* Peng Ong, Serial Entrepreneur
* HP Michelet, Chairman of Water Desalination Company, ERI
* Harish Hande, Social Entrepreneur
* Om Malik, Blogging Pioneer

* Sass Somekh, former President of Novellus
* Raj Vaswani, Entrepreneur-in-Residence turned CTO

Here is a Facebook Group called Role Models, which I invite you to join if you are interested in brainstorming on the topic. Or, you can use the Comments section right here to give me your feedback on whether or not you have been finding these interviews interesting and useful. Please, also write in your suggestions, as I would love to know what is it about the interviews (and the blog in general) that we could be doing differently and better.

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I like these interviews the most on your blog. I find them quite unique and insightful. Frankly, they provide a differentiator for you, if you can keep bringing in such interesting people to share their experiences. Best of luck.

Dasher Monday, June 11, 2007 at 7:03 PM PT