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Defying Google: Adify CEO, Russ Fradin (Part 10)

Posted on Friday, May 11th 2007

SM: Would you give us some examples of your larger and smaller customers? RF: We work with an education related network called HotChalk, we work with a network of do-it-yourself home improvement types called HouseBlogs, we work with an entrepreneur called Robert Kadar who is starting a network called GoodHealthAdvertising, he is an expert and specialist in the Health Space. We have a group of newspapers, very local newspapers called MyAdSource. We did a press release with the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The VFW has a network they run on our platform of all of the VFW Post websites which is a very local offering. We also work with NutrientRich, and entrepreneur in the vitamin space.

SM: What about big media such as the Washington Post? RF: Reed Business, Washington Post, Time Warner …

SM: Which networks within Time Warner are you powering? RF: Within Time Warner we work with Sports Illustrated. We also work with NBC, obviously Time Warner and NBC invested in us. There are a couple of large German newspapers.

SM: Do you have any business networks? RF: Computer World is launching a network on our platform for IT professionals, which was just happened two days ago. That has not launched yet however.

SM: You do not have a Business Week or a Wall Street Journal yet? RF: No, we do not work with any of them yet.

SM: Looks like, while there are a few options for technology or travel bloggers to hop on a network that can access brand advertising dollars, for business bloggers, the only option today is FM.

[to be continued]

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