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Wize up on what to buy (Part 2)

Posted on Tuesday, Apr 24th 2007

In Part 1, I introduced you to Wize, a 6-month old product research engine. Product Research has been around on the web since the ancient days of Web 1.0. epinions, for example, made a gallant attempt to become the place where the entire web’s products were reviewed. Today, the site has significant momentum with millions of page views a month. Yelp, an experience / service review site, has also gathered huge momentum in a much shorter time.

SM: What is the competition for Wize, and how do you differentiate?

TP: The product research space is moving quickly, and our competitors often
change. We see Become and ConsumerSearch as being in a similar space, among others.

Wize differentiates itself by being the simplest way to make an informed
purchase – leveraging both user and expert reviews to create each Wize Rank,
and taking the guesswork out of finding great products. Our partners and
customers have already seen the power of Wize Rank, and we look forward to
educating more people about its benefits.

Of course, there’s more to Wize than Wize Rank. We’ve done a few other
things to support our core value proposition of helping people save time and
make great purchase decisions. For example, we’ve hand-picked the best
quotes from each of the review sources on our site so that customers can
quickly scan our pages for the information that matters to them. We’ve also
organized links on our product pages to get customers to the best content on
the web in one click.

Importantly, we’ve also got enormous category breadth, with more than 150
categories as diverse as digital cameras, baby strollers, and waffle irons.
We’ve also got significant depth, with more than 1.2 million reviews from
more than 6,500 websites.

(to be continued)

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