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Tracking Progress: MIT OCW

Posted on Sunday, Apr 8th 2007

Great article from NYT about MIT’s Open Courseware effort: MIT Education in China, Minus the Degree. Read how a young Chinese millionaire translates OCW courses and evangelizes the program in China.

ZD Net reports on OCW: Six Years Later, Bigger Than Ever: “Celebrating its sixth anniversary, the OpenCourseWare Project’s goal is to put MIT’s course materials online, for free. The coursework is provided under a Creative Commons license which limits usage to noncommercial purposes only. According to Steve Carson, the project’s director of external relations, almost all 1,800 courses having some sort of representation online and the site is getting 2 million visits a month.”

OCW also has ambitions of creating the global knowledgebase for K-12 learning as well. If the topic interests you, you can read my interview with Raj Reddy from CMU.

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