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Enterprise 3.0 Collaboration: eProject (Part 1)

Posted on Friday, Mar 16th 2007

I have discussed a framework for Enterprise 3.0 recently, and wrote a few pieces to illustrate the Saas and Extended Enterprise trends that I deem as the drivers. Here is a company, eProject, and its CEO Jeff Pancottine, answering some of my clarifying questions. At the heels of Cisco’s Webex acquisition, this seems to me like a perfect small company to enhance their collaboration suite.

SM: Please describe your SaaS business value proposition and your product. JP: eProject offers businesses an online project and portfolio management tool where teams can effectively collaborate to drive project success. eProject is also driving a new wave of dynamic applications, enabling business users to create enterprise applications on the fly and provision them to groups or the entire organization using our OnDemand platform.

Instead of providing simply traditional “project management” functions, eProject’s platform, OnDemand model and Web 2.0- capabilities are focused on enabling individuals and companies to work smarter and faster and within their specific business processes and structure.

SM: What is your target customer?
JP: More than 100,000 users at 650 companies currently use eProject’s solutions. They run the gamut from Fortune 500 companies to medium-sized fast growing organizations.

Our product is used across industries, but we have some sweet spots of adoption in highly regulated industries such as insurance and other financial services, healthcare, and other “IP heavy” businesses and organizations.

A few of our customers are:

Honeywell – Honeywell needed a versatile PPM solution powerful enough to handle diverse projects from teams spanning the globe and found eProject to be the fastest and easiest to deploy. Due to eProject’s ease-of-use and high user adoption, Honeywell Specialty Materials quickly expanded to over 1500 seats.

Oakley – Oakley began with a 25-seat pilot to help automate their online catalog. With a tremendous amount of data (over 2,500 unique tasks), Oakley needed a powerful PM solution that could be deployed rapidly & globally. Oakley used eProject to connect project teams spanning the globe including North America and Asia and has continued to expand its use within the company.

Allenbrook Software – Allenbrook needed a project management solution with sophisticated dashboards, resource allocation capability and time tracking to solve time management issues quickly & effectively. eProject enabled all team members, including remote employees & customers, to have access to real-time data. eProject has provided Allenbrook with advanced PPM features for successful time management.

Amerisure – In response to a growing need for standardized processes and methodologies, Amerisure chose eProject as the clear winner based off of functionality and price. Amerisure expanded seats from 75 to 165 and plans to increase usage to 300+ seats for a wide variety of projects in marketing, underwriting and HR.

(to be continued)

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