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Making User Generated Content Sustainable

Posted on Friday, Feb 23rd 2007

Steve Rubel has an excellent post called Web 2.0’s impact on Travel and Tourism, where he makes the case that users who are creating quality and popular content ought to be compensated, to keep the content coming. See below:


Maryclaire730 has put together a terrific itinerary on the Yahoo Trip Planner of my home town, New York City. She highlights a three-day junket that covers the basics like the Waldorf Astoria hotel, a Broadway show as well as places off the beaten path, like Dylan’s Candy Bar, which is deep in the bowels of Bloomingdales. (Who knew?) The trip plan has been rated positively by Yahoo users and there are lots of rich photos to boot. However, maryclaire730 hasn’t made a dime on this.

Now imagine that Yahoo linked you back to their main travel site. If you wanted to, you could copy maryclare730’s entire trip. You can book the same flights, stay in the same hotel for the same number of days, reserve the same restaurants and even get a coupon for Dylan’s Candy Bar. The revenue is shared between Yahoo, the specific attractions/airlines/hotels and, yes, maryclare730. She gets a few bucks every time you link over and book all or part of her itinerary.

That is what Web 2.0 will do for travel and tourism.


Indeed, too many companies today take for granted user-generated content. Will this party last?

Should it?

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Hello Sramana,

Thank you for bringing this article to our attention.

As a producer for useful + agreeable (, a travel and design micro network, we focus on producing short films to a very unique and specific target audience. The Creative Director was formerly an architecture critic and travel writer for numerous publications, and combined his interests and expertise to form useful + agreeable.

We firmly believe that the future of the web will be about the emergence of micro networks, or specialty channels, produced and spearheaded by professionals who wish to attract specifc and like-minded audiences.

The beauty of the web is that there is a place for everyone and their interests: from UGC to micro network to…

Eliza Lee Friday, February 23, 2007 at 2:16 PM PT

what if she could completely geotag her trips? wouldn’t that also increase the value of her links…

i’m trying to make this a reality at:

more updates to come, but i share some of your visions on the power of the new web to share content in amazing ways.

kyle Saturday, February 24, 2007 at 2:09 AM PT

Eliza, Yes, I agree with your micro-channel concept. The web does offer very focused ways of reaching one’s audience.

Kyle, Yahoo is offering Geotags within Flickr. There’s a Mapsapm problem with that, but in general, yes, this is in the genre of PlaceSmart services that will become important and ubiquitous in a few years.

Thanks for your thoughts!


Sramana Mitra Saturday, February 24, 2007 at 12:54 PM PT