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Netflix+Flixster = (4C + P + VS)

Posted on Monday, Feb 12th 2007

Recently, I wrote 4C: Yahoo’s Turnaround Formula, in which I suggested that Yahoo organizes itself by segments, and puts the 3C (Content, Community, Commerce), in Context (4th C), and layers on Personalization (P) and Vertical Search (VS) on top it.

Here is a very good analysis from Read/Write Web on Flixster, where the Context = Movies. It already has the Community aspect, as well as some good Content. Not Commerce, yet. Not Personalization, yet. But they have Vertical Search.

I see this as a very good acquisition for Netflix, since the latter has both Commerce and Personalization, as well as Vertical Search.

Alternately, Netflix could simply copy their features, and Blockbuster could acquire Flixster.

Either way, it seems to me that the movie-lovers segment is relatively close to achieving the holy grail = (4C + P + VS).

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Check out in relation to your Netfilx+Flixster reference.

Thank you-

nick taylor Tuesday, February 20, 2007 at 9:18 AM PT


How much traction do you guys have?


Sramana Mitra Tuesday, February 20, 2007 at 1:14 PM PT

[…] Netflix should look into buying a Flixter type of social networking service to enhance its community…, as well as generate reviews and discussion in form of user generated content. It is a perfectly […]

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