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Content Packaging

Posted on Tuesday, Nov 28th 2006

Rafat Ali reports on a Bear Stearns report suggesting that content packaging is the key opportunity going forward, with the following image of the content foodchain:

content foodchain

Om also has his 2c to add about the fatbelly, saying that the MyYahoo or NetVibes kind of personalized content aggregation plays are the most important going forward.

There is one point I want to highlight: Context. I believe, people look for things in Context, and Context-driven aggregation of high quality content is going to be key to sifting through the immense amount of trash that is increasingly crowding the web.

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[…] Update:  Context and editorial sensibility are going to be key: some of what I said in this post and the one you’re reading has been ratified: Michael Eisner said something similar at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, and here’s Sramana Mitra on context becoming important. […]

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