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Posted on Monday, Oct 9th 2006

Katie Hartnack Beltramini, Yahoo! Finance Product Manager, writes:

Yahoo! Finance is interested in exploring different advertising options for the badge, and we’re looking for publisher and bloggers to help us with this task. I’m organizing an ad test and am actively looking for participants. As a thank you, all participants selected by Yahoo! will receive free promotion space on Yahoo! Finance for 24 hours at a day, time and location designated by Yahoo!. Additionally, this is an opportunity for you to provide feedback to Yahoo! on what elements create the best ad experience for your site.

I’m looking for five blogs, each with a minimum of 200,000 monthly page views. You’ll need to display our badge on your site for two months in your most trafficked areas. If you are interested in participating, please contact me at katieh(at)yahoo-inc(dot)com.

My dear Katie, please read this: Newspapers, Wake Up! Your 24 Hours of free publicity is not enough. If you want good publishers / bloggers to switch to your network, organize a YPN offering that effectively offers them incentive on traffic enhancement by showcasing them on Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Business, Yahoo! Travel, … so forth and so on. If they are on your network, get more traffic, and thus, more ad dollars, you win, and they win.

You have the same assets that Newspapers have.

Use it!

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