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One more

Posted on Friday, Jan 20th 2006

Back in November, I wrote Cisco: Inching Us To True Convergence.

Yesterday, I wrote that Apple should focus on gaining PC market share.

R: Apple and Cisco ought to strike a strategic partnership in bridging the gap in the software / user interface end of the convergence spectrum.

In other words, questions such as Where is downloaded digital content stored?, What is the interface to navigate and manipulate the display environment for content? TV? PC-Sreen? Home Projector? – and myriad other such – are best answered by a UI expert such as Apple.

Left to Cisco’s incompetent hands, this will be another disaster a la Linksys.

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Hi..just visited here..after a long time-courtesy the Plaxo update!

realise that you visited India recently..

would love to meet up with you next time..if you cd spare time for a cup of coffee-anytime, any metro within India..

no strings attached. essentially to get another perspective -and also how I can learn/ be proactive!!

Achyut Menon Friday, January 20, 2006 at 11:09 PM PT