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YahooBAY: Epilogue

Posted on Thursday, Oct 27th 2005

Dear Readers: Many thanks for your engaging, insightful and passionate contributions on the previous post.

I thought I would synthesize and summarize …

No, I do not believe that eBAY or Yahoo are in trouble. Yahoo, in fact, is growing very well, and is #2 in a market with a healthy TAM and has plenty of head-room.

eBAY’s growth also continues, but it does need a breakout strategy. I actually believe that such a strategy exists, although, I have not yet been given reason to believe that the company has put the right team together to (a) come up with such a strategy (b) execute.

However, I also believe, that to counter Google’s menacing march towards an unchallenged and unhealthy level of market dominance, a viable alliance could be YahooBAY.

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