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Collin Powell & the Roadmap for John Doerr’s political career

Posted on Wednesday, Jul 13th 2005

Collin Powell joins KP.

“As a limited partner, Powell will offer strategic advice to KPCB and its portfolio companies, but he will not participate in the firm’s day-to-day activities. “I don’t consider that I’ve taken a full-time job,” Powell told the San Francisco Chronicle, but added, “Don’t think of me as sort of a board member who’s there on a quarterly basis to sit in a meeting. Think of me as an adviser who’s always available.” Powell’s understanding of defense contracting and government budgeting are sure to prove a boon to KPCB as it sharpens its focus on security and defense start-ups.”

Sure, Defense contracts are a lucrative area for KP to target via Powell. But is there something more than what meets the eye? John Doerr has long had his little finger in Politics. US Education is his greatest passion, evidenced in his New Schools Venture Fund endeavor. Perhaps, continued hob-nobbing with the political stalwarts also starts to position John Doerr for a Cabinet level role in the not-so-distant future, especially in the Education realm.

Whatever it is, bridges and cross-pollination between the business world and the political leadership of the world is eminently desirable. It would be refreshing to see some business leaders with the reputation of getting important things done take on political responsibilities, while politicians cash in on some dough using their connections via the business world.

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