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P-A-L-M to the boonies?

Posted on Tuesday, May 24th 2005

Wall Street Journal reports that the two Palms are showing signs of wanting to getting back together.

“PalmOne Inc. said it is acquiring full rights to the “Palm” brand name and will change its name to Palm Inc. later this year. Milpitas, Calif.-based PalmOne also said Tuesday that it has renewed its license of the Palm operating system through 2009. Under the terms of the agreement, palmOne said it will pay PalmSource Inc. minimum royalty payments of $148.5 million, subject to meeting certain milestones.”

Widely reported in the media in the last few days is also PalmSource CEO David Nagel’s departure, which makes one wonder if a reintegration is in the works.

Now, if the combined Palms would then head to the boonies in the developing world, it could be a good win-win for both parties. For more, read yesterday’s post: Boonies may be the next big opportunity!

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