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Saba, Aussi!

Posted on Wednesday, Apr 6th 2005

Meaning, Saba as well.

The blue-print for Epiphany and that for Saba are quite similar. The space is different, and hence the nuances are different. Saba is about a $35M company, with a $75M market cap and a leader in the Corporate e-learning space.

Enterprise Learning Management Software (LMS) is used to create e-learning solutions, and consist of
-Registration capabilities (curriculum, courses, instructional responsibilities)
-Management of curriculum and courses
-Skills and records management
-Student interfaces to courseware
-Administration (for example, test and assessment capabilities, certification, instructor assignment to the courses, any regulatory requirements and history)
-External system application programming interfaces, including human resources (HR) and, optionally, enterprise resource planning systems.

Saba, Plateau, Docent, Pathlore, and about 20 others make up the deeply fragmented space. ThinkQ was another leader in the space, which was recently acquired by Saba.

This space is ripe for consolidation, as well as a business model reorientation to include a BPO model.

My thesis on online distance learning is that instructor-led models are far more effective than self-service models. I think, to build a large company in this segment, it is essential to understand and appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of the two models.

Question to ask: Is it easier to keep up an exercise routine if you have a trainer?

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