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Sick of Campbell soups?

Posted on Monday, Apr 4th 2005

India is a paradise for delicious candies and other edibles: sweets, snacks, pickles … Trader Joe’s has made Mochi ice-creams now a household name in North America.

The women in the villages almost always cook, and many of them could put the fanciest chefs in top restaurants worldwide to test.

In Bengali cuisine, one of the most sophisticated of the Indian cuisines, there are concepts such as Mocha (made of the banana flower) and Thor (made of the banana bark). You don’t get such delicacies at restaurants. Nor do you get them in Trader Joe’s.

But why not?

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yes sramana potential for processed food in india is great. however unlike the west, processed food here costs a bomb here mainly due to the policies. imagine, tons of tomatoes are dumped during the season due to low prices. sometimes, farmers even let the fruit rot on plants because the final prices are much below the harvesting costs. imagine, if one could simply can these products and use them later in the year. but then one cannot do that as it involves getting permissions from the government . getting that can drain one’s time, energy and money away.

suresh bhagavatula Wednesday, April 11, 2007 at 11:30 PM PT