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Healthcare IT

athenahealth Continues Aggressive Growth

Posted on Thursday, Oct 8th 2009

SaaS within health care continues to remain a viable avenue for growth, and athenahealth’s (NASDAQ:ATHN), recently announced results were representative of the opportunities within the segment. As the New York Times notes, Congress is trying to restructure one-sixth of the US economy through the health care portion of the $787 billion stimulus package and through legislation expected to be approved by the Senate Finance Committee this week. Republicans and Democrats are far from agreeing on what kind of health care system the country should adopt. But whatever the government decides, athenahealth, with one foot in health care and the other in SaaS, should benefit. Let’s take a closer look at how this is so. >>>

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Athenahealth Growing Nicely

Posted on Thursday, Jun 11th 2009

Athenahealth (NASDAQ: ATHN), a provider of the health industry’s billing and practice management solutions for helping physicians collect their reimbursements, saw significant growth over the year, but failed to meet the market’s expectations of their Q1 results. >>>

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WebMD Refreshingly Healthy

Posted on Thursday, Mar 12th 2009

In times when most companies are either reducing their outlooks or even refraining from giving them, health portal WebMD, one of my favorite Internet stocks , not only announced Q4 results that beat the market’s expectations but also reaffirmed its 2009 outlook. >>>

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