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Web 3.0 and Mental Illness: Personalization

Posted on Thursday, Dec 29th 2011

Web 3.0 and Mental Illness: Personalization

Finally, all this would be so much more manageable with a serious dose of personalization that offers both a virtual and a physical case manager. Based on the illness, location, insurance plan, family situation, patient demographics, and so on, custom solutions need to be researched and designed. A virtual case manager can easily charge $50 a month, while physical case managers charge $200–$500 a month.

The entire process, however, is cumbersome, messy, full of incompetence and bureaucracy, led by journeymen and mostly lousy entrepreneurs with questionable levels of imagination, technology or business savvy. Further, it’s made horribly complicated by the insurance industry.


Entrepreneurs and VCs look incessantly for market opportunities that can produce billion-dollar businesses. It seems to me that they need to look in the messy, stigma-ridden underbelly of the mental illness ecosystem. A goldmine awaits!

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