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Strategy Consulting

Posted on Wednesday, Mar 30th

Sramana Mitra is a high-impact entrepreneur-executive in Silicon Valley. She focuses her Strategy Consulting expertise on market-oriented challenges, ranging from positioning, product strategy, market strategy, channel strategy, M&A, funding, and exit strategy. She also has a proven track record with turnarounds.

Sramana’s new book, Positioning: How To Test, Validate, And Bring Your Idea To Market is a good synthesis of the methodology she follows.

“At the beginning of 2009, I found myself without a VP of Marketing in a young start-up company and a new product coming out of the door that would radically change the positioning of the company. I had been introduced to Sramana by a VC who said, “you have to meet this great lady just to know her.” I contacted her to help me redo the positioning of the company. She did an excellent job in a short period of time using her crisp methodology that has now positioned the company for success. There is no better person to write a book on positioning. In this new series, she lays out the requirements for positioning and uses real world people and companies to illustrate her points. She is a no nonsense leader in our industry that must be listened to.” – Mark B. Hoffman, Chairman and CEO, Enquisite; Founder CEO, Sybase; CEO, CommerceOne

Sramana’s unique attribute in consulting is her operating background as an entrepreneur CEO, which enables her to chalk out a clear execution path and a task break-down to convert her strategy into an operating plan within limited resources. Her extensive network is always a great source of business development opportunities made generously available to clients. In leading strategic planning exercises, she leverages her pragmatic, down-to-earth approach and extensive industry knowledge. In turnarounds, her ability to rapidly assess clots and bottlenecks in converting ideas to dollars.

“Sramana worked for me at Cadence and drove the turn around of a >$100M business unit which was a major success. Later I rehired Sramana to drive a turnaround in a Startup I was running. She enabled us to “clean it up” and reposition the company towards a much more promising direction. I highly recommend. She can span many domains, analytical, decisive and a pleasure to work with.” – Lavi Lev, CEO of Credence, Adimos; EVP of Cadence

At present she is interested in three kinds of engagements: Positioning, Turnarounds, and Strategic Planning.

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