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Clarify Your Story: Internet Businesses

Posted on Tuesday, Jul 11th
  • Who is your Target Customer / User?
  • What is the User Experience you plan to offer?
  • What is your Differentiated Value Proposition to the Customer / User?
  • Which Market? Which Segment? Why?
  • How big is the Market? Is it big enough? How do you expand, if not?
  • What is the Usage Model?
  • How does the User currently solve this problem?
  • What is the competition and how do you position against them?
  • What is the business model? On-Demand? Subscription? Advertising? Transaction Fee? Transaction Commision?
  • How do you build traffic? What FREE incentive can you offer which brings users en-masse to your site?
  • What premium service can you offer, that users would want to pay for? How much?
  • What is your Content strategy?
  • What is your Commerce strategy?
  • What is your Community strategy?
  • What is your Search strategy?
  • What is your Services strategy?
  • What is your Tagging strategy?
  • What is your Personalization strategy?
  • What is your Context strategy?
  • What advertising management system will you use? Google? Yahoo? MSN? Your own? Can you differentiate if you had one of your own? How?
  • What are your CPC / CPA assumptions?
  • What are your Sponsorship Deal assumptions?
  • Are you going to advertise online to recruit customers? On what sites? Using whose system? Google? Yahoo? MSN? FM?
  • What is your SEM / SEO optimization strategies? What keywords are you trying to own / position around?
  • For your category, what are the top 20 influencer Blogs that would give you early word-of-mouth to recruit customers?
  • What are the top 20 Main-Stream Media properties that you need to get written up on?
  • Whom do you need to partner with to offer a full solution / whole product?
  • Whom do you partner with to generate traffic? Under what terms?
  • How do you position win-win deals for Partners?

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