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How to Build an Artificial Intelligence Startup

Posted on Monday, Jun 21st 2021

One of the single hottest trends in technology startups is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and various other nuances are being constantly applied to problems up and down the alleyways of all industries from Manufacturing, to Retail, to Education, to Drug Discovery.

All the methodology building blocks you have been learning through the 1Mby1M entrepreneurship fundamentals courses apply. You can, for instance, bootstrap an AI startup with Services, then you can raise money (or not). You can build a Unicorn (or not)

In addition, you will need to learn domain specific lessons from entrepreneur case studies and thought leader interviews. You will also need to listen to investor perspectives on AI ventures and new trends they have identified.

Artificial Intelligence still has a lot of white space. Therefore, entrepreneurs looking for ideas to develop as new startups would do well to study the trend and the opportunities thereof. In the interviews, I always spend time with practicing entrepreneurs exploring what open problems they see in their domains, from their respective vantage points. These serve as excellent pointers for entrepreneurs to go dig in fertile soil in search of pain points around which to build new startups.

Let’s get started with How to Build an Artificial Intelligence Startup on Udemy. Learn what to expect from 1Mby1M.

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