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1Mby1M Deal Radar 2020: Integration Wizards, Bengaluru, India

Posted on Monday, Mar 2nd 2020

Integration Wizards is a Bengaluru, India based company that offers Computer Vision and Enterprise Mobility based solutions. It helps enterprises determine actionable intelligence from images, videos, and data captured live.

Integration Wizards was founded in 2014 by Kunal Kislay, Saquib Khan, and Kumar Raman, each with more than a decade of experience in enterprise integration and artificial intelligence. The idea for the company was born during their time working in the enterprise mobility when they realised the need for better integration of devices on a cloud-based platform. They created a cloud-based platform called Silverline for enterprise mobility solutions for several of Integration Wizards’ clients.

Over a period of time, the team realised that essentially, an Industrial IOT platform that is scalable, secure, and seamless is the need of the day for both emerging markets in India and for fast adopters of technology like the US and Europe. The team then went about working to create an enterprise mobility platform that could easily onboard clients from a limited number of devices and when needed scale up without the restrictions faced by an on-premise solution. The product was right for enterprises that could now harness increased data speeds and better connectivity available in the technology domain.

Integration Wizards gained traction right after its inception because of an existing relationship with its customers. Its first two clients were Fortune 500 companies. Today, Integration Wizard’s solutions are being used by more than 20,000 enterprise users across 16 countries and in six languages, across many verticals including pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, retail and consumer goods. Its platform is used by customers like Novonordisk, Postnord, Dover Energy Automation, Heineken, Assurant , Xerox, Johnson Controls, Tata, and Reliance. It has a growing team of 50+ dynamic individuals, passionate about technology and experts in their domain.

Integration Wizard’s flagship product is an enterprise computer vision solution called IRIS. Powered by artificial intelligence, it uses existing an organization’s CCTV network to provide enterprises with insights on the areas that are otherwise opaque to them. From retail, logistics to warehouses or solar farms, it is easily installed anywhere to tackle various aspects of manufacturing such as safety compliance and process optimization in warehouses.

With time, competition has also increased, especially in the AI and IoT domain. Some examples of competitors could be Cortexica, Sighthound, Pilot AI, MintM, and Standard Cognition.

Integration Wizard has doubled its revenues every year and expects to end 2019 with $3.2 million. It targets revenue of $15 million by 2022.

Its pricing is dependent on the number of cameras being onboarded on the platform. It follows a subscription-based licensing model. Its market strategy is focused on the quality of its solutions, mutual trust with clients, and constant innovation to give them a one stop solution for the challenges they face. It projects itself as an AI Platform that enables customers to build solutions across different verticals. It targets areas that are conventionally opaque from organizations such as efficiency in warehousing or customer demographics in retail.

Integration Wizards wants to set up a deep tech organization that is profitable and sustainable with users across the world. It is currently working towards expanding its installed base in warehouses, manufacturing premises and retail outlets. By Q3 2020, it plans to onboard developers from other organizations to build use-cases on its platform suiting their needs.

At present, Integration Wizards is headquartered in Bengaluru, India and has an office in the US. It is also planning to open an office in Europe. The company is currently bootstrapped and intends to remain that way. It would ideally like to partner with investors having a strategic understanding of the target markets and with experience in funding organizations in a similar domain.

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