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Thanksgiving Meditations: Fire

Posted on Friday, Nov 22nd 2019

This has been a year full of curve balls.

On the afternoon of April 2, I was getting ready to head out of the house to a meeting at Facebook. My husband, Dominique, had already left for a meeting at Morgan Stanley.

I was upstairs.

The fire alarm went off.

I thought to myself, “Another false alarm. How do I turn it off?”

And then, I smelled burnt plastic.

I rushed downstairs to the kitchen.

The dishwasher was gushing fire horizontally.

For a moment, I couldn’t understand what was happening.

On instinct, I called 911.

The agent asked me to get out of the house. She said, the fire truck will be over right away.

I didn’t get out of the house.

In a split second decision, I decided to try to put out the fire myself.

In a rush, a few thoughts passed through my mind … in five minutes, the fire will spread. We will lose all our Art, much of our memories, possibly our beautiful house.

I started pouring water on the dishwasher.

After ten rounds, the fire subsided.

The firemen arrived.

I left the house.


After a while, the firemen told me that I did the right thing. Had I not stayed in and put out the fire, the house would have burned down.

It could have been so much worse was our recurring thought.

We spent six months restoring the house from fire damage, smoke damage, water damage.

So this Thanksgiving, the first major thank you note I am sending to the heavens is for not burning down our lovely house.

Many fires have ravaged California recently.

Not everyone has been so lucky.

To all of you who have lost your homes, my deepest condolences.

This segment is a part in the series : Thanksgiving Meditations

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