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5 Thought Leaders Discuss Corporate Innovation in Podcasts

Posted on Monday, Apr 30th 2018

For several years, I’ve been working with some corporate partners that want their whole organization to have at least an opportunity to participate in innovation. Part of this is driven by the fact that today, the words innovation and entrepreneurship are so catchy and so pervasive in corporate societies that part of the job attractiveness is dependent on how much people can participate in different types innovation, incubation, or intrapreneurship programs. Many companies want to provide opportunities for their employees to apply themselves in this direction. If everybody is submitting ideas, however, a process and a framework are needed to collect and vet those ideas. Which ideas get developed further? Which ones get resources? Have a listen to my recent conversations on corporate innovation strategies with the thought leaders of some major corporations shared as 30-minute podcasts.

Paolo Juvara is Group Vice President, Oracle Applications Lab, Oracle, which has been a partner of 1Mby1M since 2013 and has built its internal innovation program on the 1Mby1M Incubator-in-a-Box platform. In this session, Paolo and I discuss the secrets of the success of the program. A unique window into corporate innovation thought leadership. Here is video of our conversation:

Paul Daugherty is CTO and Chief Innovation Officer at Accenture, which is deeply entrenched in innovation as technology moves at breakneck pace, and their clients all need to stay apace. Learn how Paul and his organization structure continuous innovation.

Steven Aldrich, Chief Product Officer, GoDaddy, delves deep into the nuances of how a sophisticated product organization thinks about new products through customer-driven innovation, internal innovation, as well as external eco-system driven innovation.

Maxwell Wessel, General Manager of SAP.IO, talks about SAP’s corporate incubation strategy.

John Deschner, Chief Innovation Officer\Managing Director at TBWA\Chiat\Day discusses the corporate innovation strategy of his advertising agency.

Is there something like this going on within your organization? I’d love to hear about it, please share your comments below.

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