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Scholarships to 1Mby1M Virtual Accelerator Awarded to NetApp Startups

Posted on Monday, Mar 26th 2018

The One Million by One Million (1Mby1M) global virtual accelerator is yet another benefit granted to NetApp startups through a partnership between the two companies. NetApp has awarded six startups one-year scholarships to the 1Mby1M Premium program, offering them the advantages of access to the 1Mby1M curriculum and weekly online mentoring sessions.

The participating startups include:

  • Anlyz – Co-founders Sriram G and Parkavi Ramasamy. Anlyz is an innovation-empowered cyber security firm that creates smart solutions to obliterate tomorrow’s threats today. Their sophisticated approach to cybersecurity is a pioneered multidisciplinary one – where they leverage new-wave technologies and standards to provide continuous real-time visibility enabling prediction, detection and prevention of incidents leading to a shortened response lifecycle. Their products adapt and scale to small, medium and large enterprises.
  • ArchSaber – Co-founders Arpit Jain, Ashish Gaurav and Apoorv Garg. ArchSaber is an IT infrastructure analytics platform aimed at reducing the mean time to resolution of downtimes and performance hits, and also, prevent such incidents altogether. The idea is to provide a meaningful cause and impact analysis for each incident and not just metrics by harnessing machine learning.
  • BlobCity – Co-founders Karishma Kunder and Sanket Sarang. BlobCity offers a multi-model real-time analytics database. With BlobCity no more data massaging or worrying about data format conversion. It’s a NoSQL database that takes in data of any and every type, while at the same time providing the ability to analyze this data at scale and at real-time. The service is available on-cloud as well as on-premise at cloud rates.
  • Nanobi Analytics – Co-founders Abhishek Purohit and Gayatri Balaji. Nanobi simplifies the usage and consumption of analytics for decision making, democratizing the delivery process and driving it down to every employee in a large enterprise that would care to use it. Their analytics platform integrates data warehousing, business intelligence, predictive and prescriptive analytics into a single visual stack thereby allowing their clients the ease, efficiency and flexibility of using a one-stop platform to serve their analytical requirements
  • SigTuple – Co-founders Rohit Kumar Pandey and Bharath Cheluvaraju. SigTuple leverages the power of robotics, data and artificial intelligence to deliver smart healthcare solutions and services.
  • Dataken Technologies – Co-founders Suresh Kumar Gokarakonda, Vivek Chekuri and Pradeep Samudrala. Dataken is augmenting Artificial Intelligence to Network and Infrastructure Management and transforming a reactive management approach to predictive approach. It helps in predicting a service failure, customers who are going to be impacted and also automate the first step of diagnostics based on predictive triggers.

Founded by serial entrepreneur and strategist Sramana Mitra in 2010, the One Million by One Million (1Mby1M) global virtual accelerator, headquartered in Silicon Valley, aims to nurture a million entrepreneurs to reach a million dollars each in annual revenue and beyond, thereby creating a trillion dollars in global GDP and ten million jobs.

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