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9 Seed Investor Podcasts, Each Focusing On Different Types Of Startups

Posted on Thursday, Feb 1st 2018

There are hundreds of seed investors actively looking for startups to invest in right now, but the types of businesses they are looking for are as varied as each individual investor. To give entrepreneurs the opportunity to hear directly from a wide variety of investors what interests them and the types of startups they focus on, we continue to interview some of the most active investors around the world. Here are my nine most recent conversations with seed investors shared as 30-minute podcast interviews. If you have an interest in financing your venture, listen and learn. Start taking notes on those investors who may be a good fit for your business.

Rajeev Madhavan, Founder and General Partner at Clear Ventures, was first a highly successful serial entrepreneur, and brings to the VC game an entrepreneur’s view of the world. Rajeev highlights the Series A gap in a big way.

Hussain Kanji, Partner at Hoxton Ventures, is based in London and the primary focus is on European ventures.

Semyon Dukach, Managing Partner at One Way Ventures, a firm that is 100% focused on immigrant entrepreneurs.

Mackey Craven, Partner at OpenView Venture Partners, discusses what Series A VCs are looking for in the realm of software investments. We talk at length about the Series A gap from the perspective of a fund that focuses on Series A and beyond.

William Hsu, Co-founder and Partner at Mucker Capital, a Los Angeles based fund that invests largely outside Silicon Valley and follows a more fundamentals oriented approach.

Ira Weiss, General Partner at Hyde Park Venture Partners based in Chicago, talks about venture activity in the Midwest.

Andrew Cain McClary, Founder and Managing Partner at KdT Ventures, is a physician-turned VC. The focus of his investment is biology and related fields.

Bruce Cleveland, Founding Partner at Wildcat Venture Partners, is one of the early employees at Oracle, as well as a co-founder of Siebel Systems. He is working on a book on The Traction Gap framework that his firm uses in its venture capital practice.

Brij Bhasin, Principal and India Investment Lead at Redbright Partners, which is a Japanese Venture Capital firm, discusses their India strategy. The conversation encompasses broader trends in the Indian startup market.


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