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Seed Investors On How They Decide What To Finance In Podcasts

Posted on Wednesday, Jan 10th 2018

Startup entrepreneurs interested in seeking financing should learn how seed investors decide what to invest in. Different investors look for various qualities in the entrepreneurs and startups that are presented to them. Previous experiences, domain expertise, and revenue run rate are obvious qualities to check. Entrepreneurs stress-tested by tragic circumstances may not be. Listen to the following seed investors discuss their decision-making processes, their portfolios, fund sizes, and more during these recent 30-minute podcast interviews.

Laurel Touby, Managing Partner at Supernode Ventures, and a former entrepreneur and avid angel investor, has now launched her new institutional pre-seed fund.

John Frankel, Partner at ff Venture Capital, discusses the firm’s investment thesis as well as key trends in the industry.

Mohit Gulati, Founder and CIO of Altius Ventures, which recently changed their name to ITI Growth Ventures, discusses the Indian startup eco-system.

Eva Ho, General Partner at Fika Ventures, discusses their investment thesis.

Alastair Mitchell, Partner at EQT Ventures, talks about the European Startup Funding trends.


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