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Seed Investors Discuss Ventures That Match Their Focus In Podcasts

Posted on Wednesday, Dec 20th 2017

If you are an entrepreneur looking for capital to fund your startup venture, you can start by prioritizing a list of qualities you are looking for in an investor as you search for your perfect match (or matches). Over the past few months, I’ve asked dozens of VCs and Angel investors the questions entrepreneurs should be considering while researching investors: What types of ventures are you focusing on? Industry sector? B-to-B/B-to-C? Stage? How big is your fund? What size investments do you make? Geography preferences? Current portfolio? Since investors are also looking for their perfect matches, you will find they are quite candid and specific in answering these questions as you listen to my most recent investor conversations, shared below as 30-minute podcast interviews. Follow along carefully to the conversations to first determine whether or not your venture is in fact ready for financing.

Ken Elefant, Managing Director, Sorenson Capital, discusses at length the investment thesis of his firm.

Conversation with Guy Resheff, Partner, Grove Ventures, focuses the spotlight on Israel.

Greg Sands, Founder and Managing Director, Costanoa Ventures, shares his investment focus.

Raj Singh, Founder and Executive Director, Singh Ventures, offers a window into his firm’s investment thesis.

Anirudh Suri, Founding Partner, India Internet Fund, about the funding trends in the Indian startup market.

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