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VCs Share Views of the Indian Startup Scene in Podcasts

Posted on Wednesday, Nov 22nd 2017

Entrepreneurs working out of India, or with an interest in India, can hear from some key players about their views of the Indian startup scene, India’s venture capital ecosystem and the India – US startup corridor. The following VC investors share their perspectives, investment strategies, and point to emerging trends in 30-minute podcast interviews.

Sandeep Singhal, Managing Director, Nexus Venture Partners – This firm is a key player in the India-US startup corridor. The discussion spans trends in SaaS, Open Source, and the Indian venture capital market in general. If you are working in the technology startup sector with an interest in India, this is a discussion worth listening to.

Anand Daniel, Partner, Accel Partners – Anand discusses Accel India’s investment strategy at length.

Ashish Gupta, Co-Founder, Helion Ventures – One of the key players in India’s venture capital eco-system. If the topic interests you, this discussion is extremely crisp and insightful.

Naren Gupta, Co-founder, Nexus Venture Partners – This firm has an excellent track record of investing in the Silicon Valley – India corridor, but with a global market point of view. Naren shares his insights, nuggets, and interesting wisdom. He is a veteran investor who is also strikingly polite and humble.

Aniruddha Malpani, Director and Founder, Malpani Ventures – Aniruddha is an active angle investor in the Indian circuit. He discusses what he looks for in companies he wants to invest in.

John Dougery, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Inventus Capital – This fund is one of the earliest players in the Silicon Valley – India corridor. John discusses his firm’s investment focus, as well as reviews the trends of the Indian market.

Rehan Yar Khan, General Partner, Orios Venture Partners – Rehan is an early investor in the Indian startup scene. Rehan’s core focus is on the Indian consumer opportunity, and that is what we focus on in this discussion.

Sasha Mirchandani, Managing Partner, Kae Capital – Also a co-founder of Mumbai Angels, Sasha re-emphasizes that Indian VCs only invest in India-facing B-to-C ventures and global B-to-B startups. India-facing B-to-B is not a sector that gets any investment, with few exceptions. We discuss the lack of exits in India, as well as the missing late-stage funding for B-to-C ventures facing the Indian market. Those of you who are working out of India would do well to keep these key points in mind.

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