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1Mby1M Deal Radar 2017: Wylei, Jersey City, NJ

Posted on Friday, Nov 17th 2017

Wylei is a pioneer in Predictive AI cloud-based machine learning and marketing automation. Its Predictive AI technology drives true personalization efficiently and eliminates the need for A/B testing. It enables the creation and delivery of real-time, personalized content to achieve 50% more engagement for better ROI.

The patented Wylei Predictive Content™ technology automatically delivers real-time digital content that is assembled and displayed based on context, user behavior, and preferences across channels including email, video, Facebook, and the web. It works with high profile consumer and technology brands such as Epsilon, Marriott, Adidas, Dell, and Fairy Tales Hair Care.

Wylei was formulated by Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Carnegie Mellon experts. Its CEO Meg Columbia-Walsh. Meg has held leadership roles at Cognizant Digital Works Strategy Consulting and Digital Healthcare at EY. Previously, Meg, as head of Healthcare for Facebook, focused on demonstrating the power of the targeted audience and platform to healthcare advertisers and agencies to drive meaningful partnerships. During her 20-year career, she has founded, run, and exited companies including Inverse Mobile (sold to EY), (sold to Pharmacia and Upjohn), CBS Healthwatch (went public and acquired by WebMD), and HealthTech Digital Communications (sold to Interpublic Group).

The main value proposition of Wylei is that it is the next generation of dynamic content assembly that leverages AI and machine learning. Its technology leverages AI/machine learning to move beyond standard A/B testing to dynamically assemble and test multiple variations to hundreds of micro segments in under 50 milliseconds. Its predictive content enables brands to pivot content in real-time for each individual at the moment of viewing.

Wylei claims to have no competition as it is the first solution on the market to offer real-time assembled predictive video. It sits at the intersection of various product offerings including marketing automation, real-time email content assembly, A/B Testing using Predictive AI, segmented optimization, and AI-powered customer journey offerings. Competitors include Adobe Marketing Cloud and Target Solution, Salesforce Einstein, Oracle Maxymiser, and AdTheorent, among others.

Its top target segments include Hospitality, Travel, Retail, Consumer packaged goods, Financial services, Automotive, and Pharmaceuticals.

While the company is all about AI technology, its premise is in fostering human relationships. The management believes in fostering and partnering with platforms, direct brands, and digital agencies will help to grow and strengthen its business.

Wylei works in partnerships with agencies and direct-to-brand with companies including Marriott, Dell, Adidas Global, and Unilever. It has partnerships with Epsilon, Salesforce, and Experian. It has made over 430 million real-time decisions resulting in an average 10% to 40% lift in engagement.

Its pricing model follows a hybrid approach of CPM and managed services, depending on the level and scope of support needed to activate features and/or campaigns.

Its growth strategy would be to continue to build new relationships and grow relationships with its direct clients and platform partners, and to expand its predictive video solutions to include Facebook and Salesforce integrations.

Wylei has over 20 employees. It hires dynamic, performance driven individuals with a proven track record and depth of knowledge. Both its leadership team and board have a strong presence of female executives, far surpassing most tech companies.

Regarding an exit strategy, the company says,

“It is too soon in the life cycle for a definitive answer about an exit, but the strategy at the right time would be an acquisition. The alternative would be to build cash flow and add additional investors.”

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